Birch Bark Mason Jar

Birch Bark Mason Jar


Last Koozi of the year!

Good sturdy bark with a mix of inner and outer bark, giving it a diverse range of weaver color. It comes with the mason jar and single piece gold cap (rubber seal for secured beverage transport).

A great gift for someone who loves coffee or tea and the North Shore. Nothing feels quite like drinking a hot beverage out of warm birch bark. This Koozi’s bark was harvested in the summer of 2018 in the Superior National Forest (with permit).

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All Koozi uses the double diagonal plaited weave to provide durability and style while it insulate your beverage, as well as your hands. Conditioned with bees-wax and walnut oil while being woven.

All birch bark was harvested by permit, sustainably and locally. All weavers were processed by hand with great care to make the bark supple, weavable, and durable. If handled daily, your birch bark item wont need reconditioning.