Maintenance & Repair

Conditioning the bark

Nearly all of the birch bark items that Beth sells are conditioned with her own proprietary blend of beeswax and walnut oil.  The items will be shipped already conditioned, but you can feel free to buy a tin of bark conditioner in the shop, if you like. 

Maintaining the bark

Birch trees will generally live a similar lifespan as people (about 100 years), the whole time wearing their waterproof and durable bark.  As you can imagine, when conditioned, the bark doesn't require much maintenance.  The natural oils from handling does wonders for the longevity of your birch bark item.  If your bark begins to appear too dry or crunchy, you may apply a liberal amount of conditioner and let sit overnight. The next day, wipe down before use. 


A well worn birch container is a sign that is was used and loved.  Despite its durability, sometimes wear can cause weavers to break or fray over time. If your item has significant need of repair, feel free to contact Beth for more information.  Most repairs can be accomplished easily by mail or by finding Beth at a sale or craft fair.  A small materials fee may be required.