Coptic Birch Book

Coptic Birch Book

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A sweet reminder of the North Shore landscape; feel the forest in your hands while you write notes, draw reflections, or jot down ideas.

This small book utilized my thickest bark as a sturdy cover. A second sheet of bark glued with alternating lenticel grains and pounded grommets prevents warping and tearing of these naturally durable covers.

The red binding is a coptic stitch in waxed, braided nylon thread. Coptic stitching is one of the oldest book patterns and allows the center fold to sit flat where ever pages are open.

The grouped signatures are a card stock thickness and two toned; white and cream

size: 3” x 1” x 5”

BBB harvested the bark (with permit) in the Superior National Forest.

The books were all cut, folded and bound by Tim Kraus

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