Birch Beaded Necklace - Turquoise

Birch Beaded Necklace - Turquoise


Decorate your neck the way that a birch tree would! The birch beads show of the many colors found in between the sheets of bark; browns, creams, and golds.

This necklace fades from grey to soft purple to light green of ceramic beads by the neck, so that it lays flat and comfortably. It then transitions back and forth from the diverse birch beads to turquoise stones. Like the birch tree, turquoise if known for its healing powers. Heal your naked neck with these “Boreal pearls” - nickname for the birch beads.

With the easy copper snap closure, you’ll never have to ask for assistance putting this accessory on or off.

This necklace is 23 inches in length.

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